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Holocore is Sander from 1980, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The name “Holocore” simply came to be;  The Core Of Light” enlightenment, interwoven with, my domainname registered with Global Domains International.


I have always felt strongly about true freedom, truth and justice, not the illusory reality perpetrated by the lords of deception. Being in nature, growing up and where i am now, i could see the changes happen before my eyes, but also the growing normalization of the absurd which seems rampant today. These teachings strike des te meer at the core of our being, underlining the possibility of changing our behavior for a better world.


Around the time i was 16, in 1996 the internet was still pretty new and started to become more accessible and popular very fast. I remember dialing in with my 14K4 modem, hearing the crackling noises from the modem trying to connect with my internet-service-provider. The costs were around Fl 2,50 (guilder) an hour (1,2 euro), and the speed was, well.. just a few KiloByte a second. Imagine downloading a mp3 of 20mb with Napster and waiting days/weeks for a few tracks. Could we ever imagine the internet would become such a big thing?


I still experienced childhood without all the “madness” going on today; social networks like; youtube, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, the internet-of-things etc. Many websites i see today are just a copy of a copy of a copy.. no more creativity, in it’s designs as well.
All popping up trying to compete for your attention and/or to make a quick buck.
Infinite choices makes you wanna choose none at all, but i use a select few programs i have to admit..


I was blasting electronic dance music from a young age, (1990’s and beyond) which were the hay-days back then. I recorded live-mixes from the Stunned Guys for example, on tape from the radio. Holland has an very active dance-scene and some of us just couldn’t get enough.


I actually played “Pong” at a friends house, which had this old computer up in his attic. Later on my mother bought us an Atari3600, and not long after the Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Sega arrived. The arcades almost completely disappeared, but luckily they make a slow comeback, those are great fun.
The PC games from the 386 on, games like Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Little Big Adventure, Commandos, C&C, games on floppydisks even mario & tetris, were an unique time to be alive as a kid, no fancy graphics, although some had for the day, just pure raw incredible gameplay.


In Rotterdam i started visiting psychedelic goatrance parties, these were mostly at underground locations and didn’t ask any money for entrance or even drinks, a farcry from the clubs & commercial scene nowadays. This music inspired me so much that i started playing & producing electronic music as a hobby, which had crystallized out of all these substyles.  Often for a while we found ourselves at bass-ridden underground parties in empty buildings, concrete bunkers, churches, boats, warehouses, subway tunnels, squats, and outside in “nature”. I have always gravitated to such intensity and how it can blast its way into your guts.



Paradise is not a place, it’s a form of consciousness. the following step in human evolution, initiated by the DNA system. this DNA system contains all information necessary for transformation of living structure in past, present and future forms. Today the collective consciousness has reached a point of transformation being able to receive and integrate with the great cosmic law, never changing and forever true in the name of love. The inner source is not about a certain point or a principal, its the center of pure life energy, nameless, ever-changing. If we become so calm that we can rest at the source, at the very center, at the ground of our being, this pulsating sun, this unlimited wisdom can take us to our very potential.

The rebel is determined to live in accordance with the inner source. he has faced his true nature and even welcomed his fears. It’s not about being against or for something or somebody, it’s for the wholeness of consciousness, accepting the tao of life, free from conventions & conceptualisation, the rebel is rooted in the ground and his vision is expanding, living the truth, coming from the inner source.
The rebel of the source is a transformation of energy into life & love, into a celebration!
The galaxy, the universe, has no choice.. but to roll in ecstasy at our feet.. Dance for paradise!



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